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Instructor Operator Station

Wetzel Technology provides customer defined solutions for Instructor Operator Stations. Such Operator stations are used today for any kind of simulators :

  Military Fixed Wing
  Civil Fixed Wing Engineering Simulator
  Train Simulator
  Truck Simulator
  Military Helicopter Engineering Simulator
  Airship Engineering Simulator
  Military Fighter Training Device
  Tram Simulator
  Excavator Simulator


Weight & Balance Configuration

IOS Features

Features of the IOS are always customer defined and can vary from simple simulator control up to the requirements of a full flight simulator.

  Digital MAP for positioning
  Mission planning
  Arinc424 Navigation Database & Charts
  Instrument Simulation, Virtual Cockpit
  User Login
  Data visualization of simulation parameters
  Simulator Control Functions
  Weight & Balance
  Weapon Configuration
  Malfunction Control
  Time/State dependant events
  Exercise/Student/Teacher Administration

Armament Control Panel mirrored on IOS

EFIS Display mirrored on IOS

Additional features:

  Touchscreen applications
  embedded instrument simulations
  embedded digital map
  embedded out of the window views
  video overlays
  shared memory/socket interface

IOS Interfaces

The interface between the IOS and the Host Computer can be realized in different ways. The interface is defined by the customer matching his actual requirements. Usual interfaces are e.g. :

  Socket UDP
  Socket TCP/IP
  Shared Memory
  Reflective Memory (hard or software implemented

Approach Map displayed on IOS (based on Arinc424 data)

IOS Platforms

Instructor Operator Station Solutions can be provided for different platforms:

  Linux x86
  Windows 2000/XP


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